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About us

Dyenamo is a Swedish company with production facilities and headquarters in Stockholm. Our customers include companies and universities active in the field of chemistry-based solar cells; primarily dye-sensitized solar cells, perovskite solar cells and solar fuels. Our materials, manufacturing equipment, characterization equipment and services enable our customers to perform research and industrialization at the frontiers of chemistry-based solar cell technology.

Dyenamo was founded in 2009 by world-known researchers in the field of chemistry-based solar cells. The initial products were material-components for dye-sensitized solar cells. When the perovskite solar cells entered, Dyenamo was the first company to offer specific materials for the technology. Over the years, our portfolio has grown to include solar fuel material, manufacturing equipment, characterization equipment and services. Our aim is always to provide the best possible solution for both academy and industry. Consequently, we can cater on demand requests and custom-make our products to meet specific customer criteria.


The Dyenamo founders: Gerrit Boschloo (Assistant Professor at Uppsala University), Anders Hagfeldt (Professor at EPFL, Switzerland), Henrik Pettersson (CEO Dyenamo), Lars Kloo (Professor at KTH in Stockholm) and Licheng Sun (Professor at KTH in Stockholm).

Dyenamo management

Henrik Pettersson, CEO
Henrik Pettersson has more than 20 years experience of dye-sensitized solar cells and modules. He has worked with small companies (Ekologisk Energi AB, Leclanché), as well as within academia (EPFL) and at the applied research institute Swerea IVF. Consequently, he has in-depth knowledge of the DSSC/PSC history and technology aspects from research to commercialization.

Dyenamo advisory

Anders Hagfeldt, strategic advisor
Anders Hagfeldt is Professor at EPFL in Lausanne. He started to work on DSSC in 1991 and was on the Thomson Reuter's 2014 list of among the top 1% most cited in chemistry. In 2011 he was ranked as number 46 of the top-100 material scientists of the past decade by Times Higher Education.

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