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Conference News


Abstracts from oral and poster presentations published online

The submitted abstracts for oral and poster presentations from the Dyenamo conference "DSSC Strikes Back" can now be found online. Follow this link, and you will reach the conference abstracts' page.


DSSC strikes back - a great experience and success!

The Dyenamo conference "DSSC strikes back" gathered 115 participants from 18 nations in Uppsala, Sweden 16-17 October. The two days were very intense with 31 oral presentations and 32 posters. It is obviously not appropriate to review your own arrangement. Nevertheless, we dare announcing that the conference was a great success. This was confirmed by the endorsements we have received during and after the conference. Here are a few examples of such written comments:

"DSSC strikes back was a milestone in my professional life"
"This was one of the most memorable business trips in my life."
"I would like to congratulate all of you to the very successful conference: It was really very impressive!"
"I would like to thank you again for the well organized and beneficial conference. It was a lot of fun and informative, and as discussed, we are waiting for version number 2."
"Thank you very much for the wonderful DSSC conference you have organized. Especially I appreciate a perfect mix of talks from academic groups and companies."
"Congratulations again for a great conference!"
"Congratulations for the conference, the Dyenamo team truly did a great job with the organization."
"This was the right initiative at the right time by the right people."

We want to thank all the participants for creating such a nice event. Below please find some memories from the event (photo Louise Seregard).

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Social dinner

The social dinner will be held at 20.00 at Restaurang Borgen, only a five minute walk from the conference center. The address is Orphei Drängars Plats 1, 753 11 Uppsala.


Small change in program Tuesday 16 October

The oral presentation by Federico Bella and Claudia Barolo at Tuesday 11.20-11.40 has been divided into two ones. The latter replaces Hammad Cheema, University of Mississippi at Tuesday 12.20-12.40. The updated titles are "Multivariate approaches making Dye-sensitized Solar Cells closer to industrial comprehension and optimization" (Claudia Barolo) and "Aqueous dye-sensitized solar cells: challenges in electrodes and electrolytes design" (Federico Bella).


Welcome reception

To demonstrate our gratitude to the large interest for the event, we welcome all participants to a welcome reception. It will be held at at the Ångström Laboratories in Uppsala on Sunday evening October 15th at 17.00-19.00. Drinks and snacks will be served. Pre-registered participants can collect their batches and new participants can register.


Conference program published

We are happy to announce that the conference program has been published. It contains 32 oral presentations and 33 posters featuring a large number of prominent speakers of academic and industrial background from all over the world. The contributions cover the most exciting recent discoveries and achievements in the DSSC field. Moreover, we already have more than 100 registered participants verifying that this is the largest DSSC event to be held for many years.


Great response to call for abstracts

Organizing a DSSC conference was not an obvious decision for Dyenamo. It was triggered by the fact that we sensed an upcoming DSSC trend in combination with the lack of an active forum to meet. We can now conclude that this was a correct analysis and we are pleasantly surprised by the fact that we have received >60 abstracts. We could thus easily have organized a longer conference.

We are pleased to announce three additional keynote speakers; Md. K. Nazeeruddin from EPFL, Peng Wang from Zhejiang University and Kyusoon Shin from Dongjin Semichem.

As a result of the high numbers of abstracts, there was a sharp cut for oral presentations. However, it also means that there will be an excellent poster session. The oral and poster contributions have been selected and the responsible people have been informed. The program will be presented on this website within shortly. Please remember to register before 15 August as the fee thereafter will be increased.

We are also very pleased to see that the registrations for the Dyenamo training and coaching day are coming in.

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