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The second Dyenamo DSSC conference

The past few years, the dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) technology has been shadowed by the perovskite technology. As the DSSC technology activities still are significant with continuous breakthroughs and promising industrial initiatives, Dyenamo gathers researchers and industry for a meeting focusing exclusively on DSSC. You are thus invited to participate in the second Dyenamo DSSC conference to be held in Uppsala, Sweden, 14-15 October 2019.

The first Dyenamo DSSC conference “DSSC strikes back” was held in Uppsala, Sweden, 16-17 October 2017. The event gathered 115 participants from 18 countries. The participants collectively demonstrated that DSSC is strong both scientifically and from an industrial viewpoint, with low-power photovoltaics and building integration (BIPV) with facade windows as the main targeted applications. The second Dyenamo conference is the continuation of the Dyenamo conference series, providing an excellent opportunity for DSSC students, scientists, companies and engineers around the world to meet and exchange ideas, their latest findings and guide the next steps for DSSC.

Below, you will find links to on-line registration, conference program, location information etc. In addition, your will find the invitation to the Dyenamo training and coaching day that will be held 13 October, i.e. the day before the conference.


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» Dyenamo DSSC training and coaching day
   13 October 2019

Chairs: Anders Hagfeldt and Henrik Pettersson

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