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Dyenamo your R&D partner for nanoscale solar energy converters 

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    "Why Dyenamo's carbon paste DN-CP01 can influence the entire perovskite field"

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    "Dyenamo introduces three new products"

 Buy our standard materials

Dyenamo standard materials are made in our well-equipped Swedish laboratories. They are available in various batch sizes, from research up to large-volume production. Please click on the product categories below for product descriptions.

» Building blocks

» Vibrant DSSC dyes

» Organic sensitizing DSSC dyes

» Metal-organic sensitizing DSSC dyes

» Cobalt-complexes for DSSC electrolytes

» Copper-complexes for hole conductors and electrolytes

» Components for Perovskite solar cells

» Solar fuel materials

» Hole transport materials

» Electrode pastes

» Counter electrodes

» Encapsulation materials

» FTO glass

» Temporary offers

» Analytical equipment

» Manufacturing equipment

Dyenamo is European distributor of Everlight's DSSC dyes, DSSC electrolyte additives and hole transport materials.  

» DSSC dyes

» DSSC electrolyte additives

» Hole transport materials

If you cannot find your material of interest among our standard materials, it can be easily accessed on demand by clicking here.

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