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 FTO Glass

The TCO (transparent conducting oxide) substrate is a critical component for dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells. It should have high transmission, good conductivity, and promote good adhesion for the deposited layers. Dyenamo offers FTO (fluorine-doped tinoxide) glass especially designed for such applications. The different products have been developed to meet the criteria of substrates for DSSC working and/or counter electrodes. The glass can be as thin as 1.1 mm, resulting in reduced device thickness and weight.



Thickness (mm)

Sheet Resistance

Select amount for quotation
DN-HG05 75 x 100 2.2 ~15
DN-HG06 150 x 200 2.2 ~15
DN-HG12 100 x 100 1.1 ~20
DN-HG15 100 x 100 3.2 ~10
DN-HG16 300 x 300 3.2 ~10

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