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Abstract submission

We welcome abstract submissions for oral and poster contributions. The submissions are readily made by sending a half to one page summary (including title) and your CV to conference@dyenamo.se. Please indicate whether an oral or a poster presentation is preferred. We will confirm that your submission has been received. Thereafter, all abstracts undergo a selection process after the deadline of 31 May 2019. You will shortly thereafter be notified of your abstract acceptance. Only one submission per delegate will be reviewed.

Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is 31 May 2019.

The accepted abstracts will be published on our website after the conference. By submitting your abstract you agree to have it published online.

Dyenamo handles your personal data in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. Your data is collected with the purpose of fulfilling the business agreement, and arranging the event. Your data will only be stored as long as long as it is needed for the arrangement of the event. For more information regarding how Dyenamo handles personal data, or if you have any special concerns, please contact us

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