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Dyenamo DSSC training
and coaching day in
Uppsala, 15 October 2017


Dyenamo was founded in 2009 by; Ass. Prof. Gerrit Boschloo (Uppsala University) , Prof. Anders Hagfeldt (EPFL, Lausanne), Henrik Pettersson (CEO, Dyenamo ), Prof. Lars Kloo (KTH, Stockholm) and Prof. Licheng Sun (KTH, Stockholm and Dalian, China). The founders are also the authors of the review "Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells", Chem. Rev. 2010, 110, 6595. Collectively, the co-founders cover all aspects of the DSSC technology, from fundamentals to module manufacturing, via materials development and synthesis, reliability testing, and material and device characterization.

The Dyenamo DSSC training and coaching day gave 16 participants the possibility to learn from and interact with the Dyenamo founders and staff. The first session, held by Prof. Anders Hagfeldt, gave a thorough lecture of the DSSC story from the start to the latest findings. Thereafter, lectures on the topics dyes and electrolytes, characterization methods, and cell and module manufacturing, were given by Licheng Sun, Gerrit Boschloo and Henrik Pettersson, respectively.

In the last session, the activities were divided into sessions where the participants could more closely interact with the Dyenamo co-founders in smaller groups.

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