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Chemistry-based solar technologies are parameter-rich and complex. New materials and possibilities are opened at an impressive rate. It is challenging to navigate in such information flow. The Dyenamo team has in-depth experience and expertise to efficiently assist you in this process.

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Materials coaching

A manufacturer of chemistry-based solar devices faces a large number of technical challenges parallel to defining the market segments and products of interest. Manufacturing processes must be developed at the same time as novel materials and solutions are presented in literature at an impressive rate. This makes decision-making critical and difficult. Dyenamo is the partner assisting you in defining your road to successful chemistry technology.

Technology coaching

We coach companies, universities and other stake-holders to strengthen their role in the chemistry-based solar cell landscape by e.g. matching research expertise from other fields with chemistry-based solar cells, evaluating the level of uniqueness of innovations in the field, evaluating the feasibility of technical objectives of start-ups and the technical feasibility of project plans.


There is more information in a chemistry-based solar cell device than one can imagine. Dyenamo opens for getting maximum information out of your materials and devices by offering tests of new materials, components, and/or solar devices. A range of standard measurements and analysis based on our so-called tool-box techniques are available ranging from standard solar cell performance measurements to in-depth analysis such as electron recombination and transport analysis, kinetics analysis and energy level analysis.


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