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Photo-induced absorption spectroscopy (PIA) setup


Product description:
This stand-alone piece of equipment is ideal for initial tests of new dyes for DSSC. A PIA spectrum of a dye-sensitized TiO2 film quickly shows whether photoinduced electron injection is taking place. Subsequent addition of a redox electrolyte shows if the oxidized dye is being regenerated.

Analytical techniques included:
  • Photo-induced absorption spectrum
  • Frequency-dependent PIA response at a single probe wavelength

Information that can be obtained:
  • Assessment of injection efficiency in DSSC
  • Assessment of electron - dye recombination in DSSC
  • Assessment of regeneration efficiency in DSSC

  • Stationary-based PC
  • Software
  • Dyenamo measurement equipment
  • English manual

  • Probe light source:Tungsten-halogen lamp
  • Excitation light source: High power LED
  • Modulation frequency:1 - 10 000 Hz
  • Detector:Si-diode
  • Wavelength range:350 - 1100 nm

  • Boschloo, G.; Hagfeldt, A. Photoinduced absorption spectroscopy as a tool in the study of dye-sensitized solar cells Inorg. Chim. Acta 2008, 361, 729-734


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