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IPCE-equipment for taking IPCE spectrum of solar cells


Product description:
This stand-alone piece of equipment has been developed for measuring IPCE (Incident Photon to Current conversion Efficiency) spectra for small solar cell devices with an active area of 1cm2 or less. IPCE is measured with the DC-method under short-circuit condition using low intensity monochromatic light. The spectral range is 350 nm to 1100 nm.

Analytical techniques included:
  • Automatic measurement of IPCE spectrum. The data is recorded in an easy to read text file.
  • Calculation of predicted JSC under AM1.5 G illumination (1000 W m-2)

  • Stationary-based PC
  • Software
  • Dyenamo IPCE measurement equipment, including calibrated Si diode
  • English manual

  • Footprint:88 x 43 cm
  • Light source: 175 W Xe-lamp (ozone free)
  • Monochromator:Spectral bandwidth 20 nm
    oSpectral range 350 - 1100 nm
    o Monochromatic light intensity 0.1-0.5 mW cm-2
  • Filter:Filterwheel with order sorting filters


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