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The second Dyenamo DSSC conference

Two years after the memorable "DSSC strikes back" conference, Dyenamo re-gathered students, scientists, companies and engineers from around the world to meet, exchange ideas and their latest DSSC findings. Collectively, the 106 participants from 20 countries made a firm statement that DSSC has entered a new phase where efficiency-records are broken for all device types (opaque, "zombie", see-through, solid-state etc. at both indoor and solar radiation) and that the dream-target of 15 % at full sun now is within reach, and that technology commercialisation is rapidly advancing for IoT and consumer electronics applications (e.g. various sensors, electronic curtains, headphones, solar tables) confirmed by the involvement of high-tech investors (e.g. Softbank) and end-users (e.g. JBL).

We are grateful and humble for all the endorsement for the arrangement. Positive and engaged participants made it very easy to organize things. Thank you to everyone involved! Below please find some memories from the event (photo Louise Seregard).


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