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Dyenamo thematic web workshops

No. 5: ESPResSo - a status update from the European Commission funded project, Tuesday 16 June, 10.00 Swedish time

Difficult times lead to unconventional ideas. As face-to-face conferences suddenly is a faraway option, Dyenamo has tested an alternative platform for information exchange, namely thematic online workshops. After four workshops with technical themes, selected topics within the fields of perovskite solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells and solar fuels, respectively, the fifth one will be a thorough status report of the project ESPResSO "Efficient structures and processes for reliable perovskite solar modules". Two years into the project, the partners will give a status reports and discuss the project results and experiences.

ESPResSO is a three-year Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission dedicated to realize the ambitious target of making perovskite solar cells a market reality. Consequently, the ESPResSo team covers the full spectrum of expertise ranging from fundamental studies to industrialization via e.g. studies of sustainability issues and development of materials, process technology and prototypes. The members of the consortium are coordinator IMEC (Belgium), EPFL (Switzerland), University of Rome, CNR and CSGI (Italy), Fraunhofer (Germany), University of Cyprus, Dycotec and M-Solv (UK), Onyx (Spain), Corning (France), Saule (Poland) and Dyenamo (Sweden). More ESPResSO information can be found on the project website and in the project flyer.

The ESPResSo online workshop will be organised Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 10.00 am Swedish time. The event is free of charge and will be organized via Zoom with Prof. Anders Hagfeldt as moderator. The following invited speakers, representing six project workpackages, are confirmed:
Tom Aernouts, IMEC: Project overview from the coordinator

Bowen Yang, EPFL: Materials for high performance solar cells

Francesco Di Giacomo, University of Rome: Architectures for high performance modules

Markus Kohlstädt, Fraunhofer ISE: Scalable processes for large-area modules

Maria Hadjipanayi, University of Cyprus: Stable and long-lived performance

Simone Maranghi, CSGI - University of Siena: Sustainability assessment and eco-profile

Tom Aernouts, IMEC: Demonstrations and outlook
For registration, please write your name and organisation in an email to conference@dyenamo.se, by latest 14 June 2020. We will confirm your registration by sending the link to the event.

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