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Compact spin coater

Product description:
DN-HM04 is a compact, versatile, user-friendly table top spin coating equipment especially designed for laboratory solar cells. The small size makes it ideal for e.g. usage in a glovebox. The DN-HM04 has a user-friendly keyboard and a LED display for programming the key parameters, i.e. spin duration, spin speed (the speed resolution of 1 rpm) and acceleration. The substrate is held on a custom-made sample holder (up to 25x15 mm) and/or vacuum. The custom-made metal holder prevents the substrate from coming loose during rotation. In addition, we provide a universal sample holder in case of different sample sizes. The vacuum fixation allows usage of different substrate sizes from 10 to 100 mm. The oil-less pump is included in DN-HM04, i.e. it includes all you need to start using the equipment.
  • Dimension:250 x 210 x 200 mm
  • Chamber dimension:200 mm
  • Speed range:100 - 9999 rpm
  • Accelerated speed:100 - 9999 rpm
  • Speed accuracy:<5 rpm
  • Control:5 sets programmable control, each set with 5 steps
  • Motor power:Brushless DC Motor 75W
  • Wafer size:25 x 15 mm
  • Working voltage:AC 110 - 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Vacuum input:*0.06 - 0.09 Mpa
  • Pump speed:*> 15 l/min
*One oil-less vacuum pump is included in the standard package

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